English History
Woodstock Community Hall - 1 Woodstock Close, Sandbanks Road, Poole, BH14 8DZ

Wednesdays: 11:15pm to 12:15pm

18th and 19th century snapshots of English men and women, places and ideas

These do not follow a strict chronological narrative based on the reigns of Kings and Queens - so history at school was never like this. We try instead to provide an introduction to interesting but lesser-known people and to the how and the why they may have made a difference. For example, this term we have studied Erasmus Darwin. Alfred Russell Wallace and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

An introduction is all we can manage in an hour but if you go home afterwards and google for more information, our efforts will not have been in vain. We have one or two empty seats, why not come and join the fun.

Please contact Barrie Standley on 01202 772896 or barriestandley96@hotmail.co.uk for more details.

The Bloomsbury Group
Member's Home

Please see day and time information on the Class Finder page

An exploration of the works of the Bloomsbury Group and its members (lives, beliefs, achievements) and their significant contribution to 20th Century British Society. With particular effort put into looking at the writings etc. of Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry and Maynard Keynes.

For more information, please contact Clifford Fishenden on 740473.

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