Improve Your Photography Using Adobe Elements
Broadstone Methodist Church Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone, Poole
(parking for leaders and disabled only)

Alternate Mondays: 9:00am to 11:00am

'Improve Your Photography Using Adobe Elements' is a U3A two term course which takes place on alternate weeks during the Autumn and Spring Terms of the U3A year.  This course can, if required, be used as a follow on from the U3A 'Digital Photography for Beginners' class; however this is not essential, and it can also be used as a lead into the U3A 'Camera Club' for more experienced photographers.
During this course, various methods are demonstrated in class for obtaining well composed and enhanced photographs.  Because available cameras now use digital technology, editing is based on computer techniques to manipulate and enhance basic photographs, using Adobe Photoshop Elements software, with the intention that course members can then practice at home.  Owning a computer, plus Adobe Elements software is essential for those attending this course.

For more details of this course please contact Garry Thurgood on 01202 604405.

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