British History

Random Snapshots

This class is conducted by email.

We have just spent a worthwhile year in the company of Ancient Brits; with William Marshall, ‘the greatest Knight’; with Crusaders and Pilgrims, Eleanor de Montfort and her Plantagenet kin, Geoffrey Chaucer and his grand-daughter Alice, with John Dee the Queen’s conjuror; and with victims of the Black Death and a few unfortunate ‘criminals’ deported to Tasmania.

In future, we expect to continue in the same diverse vein. As in the past we will not necessarily follow a strict chronological narrative based on the reigns of Kings and Queens but, rather like Doctor Who in his Time Machine, will travel through time from one week to the next. Members who are able to, contribute to our learning by presenting subjects of their choosing. ‘Random snapshots’ are all we can manage in one hour but if that means you go home afterwards and google for more information, our efforts will not have been in vain.

History can be just as much fun as Maths. It was never like this in school.

Why not join us?

Please contact Barrie Standley on 01202 772896 or [email protected] for more details.

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