Cycling - Recreational
Poole Park - Parkstone Road, Poole, BH15 2SF

Rides are on a Monday or a Friday at 10am, currently twice a month at present

The cycling group normally meets twice a month or thereabouts. The rides are on a Monday or on a Friday but there is no pattern as to which day any particular ride will be on. We meet at the Ark café in Poole park at 10 am. We always stop during the morning for coffee and cake en route and will usually be home for lunch.

The next rides are scheduled as follows:-

Friday 13th October
Friday 27th October
Monday 13th November
Friday 1st December

Keep an eye on the newsletter or in Delphinus as the dates will be published in advance.
If you are not sure as to whether you will be able to keep up, don't worry as we only go as fast as the slowest of us. Remember this is a recreational cycling group and we do it to enjoy the ride.

Regarding inclement weather, we are all fair weather cyclists and if it looks like rain or wind, cold or snow we wouldn't be riding.
Cancelling a ride - I will email everybody normally a day or two before but as soon as a reliable weather forecast is published. If you don't hear anything then you can take it that the ride will go ahead. You can always phone me but I like to contact you via email as it is the easiest way to communicate.

For more information, please contact Ray Beverley on 07921 030212 or email

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