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You are invited to share in the reading of a book entitled 'Happiness: Classic & Contemporary Readings in Philosophy', edited by Steven M. Cahn and Christine Vitrano (OUP 2008). This book contains a selection of writings on Happiness and its role in moral philosophy.

Conceptions of Happiness are central to moral philosophy. Theories of ethics raise many questions about the nature and role of happiness in life, some of them may be considered controversial. I hope that we will create a little happiness in discussing these ideas.

Enquiries welcome.

Further information: Jayne Colvin (469256).


Philosophy Workshop
Member's Home

Meets on Wednesdays at 2.15 pm in various members' homes in Parkstone / Penn Hill

This is a self-teaching group in which each member takes a turn to introduce a topic, which everyone then discusses. We currently meet in several members' homes in Parkstone, Penn Hill and Canford Cliffs.

In the Spring and Summer terms the Philosophy Workshop will be discussing a variety of controversial ethical topics based on Julian Baggini's Without God Is Everything Permitted?: The 20 Big Questions on Ethics.

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Philosophy and mince pies!

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