Poole U3A
About Poole u3a

The Poole branch of the u3a was formed in 1993, and had 300 members by the end of the first year. There are now over 800 members and about 100 classes. The weekly educational and leisure courses form the core activity, but members also find pleasure and companionship through an active social programme including day trips, and walks.

Please do not be misled by the word ‘University’ in our title. All our activities are for enjoyment: there are no exams and we do not ask questions to make sure you have been listening. If you have recently retired from full-time work or maybe just come to live in lovely Dorset, Poole u3a is an excellent way of following new interests and making new friends.

Our activities are not usually led by professional teachers but by fellow members of Poole u3a who are unpaid enthusiasts. Classes are small, informal and interactive. There are no examinations, no qualifications required or awarded, and only enjoyment to be gained.

We especially welcome members who are willing to share their experiences or specialised knowledge, so that we can extend the range and scope of our courses. If you would like to run a course, please contact the office on 01202 678113.

Details of classes can be found in the Class Finder and term dates are listed here. 

About the u3a 

The u3a is an exciting world-wide movement, which started in France in 1971 at the University of Toulouse. It became international by 1979 and was introduced in to the UK in 1981 at Cambridge. The original French system was integrated with universities which provided both tutors and venues. In the UK, members organise and run their own activities.

The Third Age follows the age of Dependence in the First Age as a child, and the Second Age with its occupational and parental duties, and precedes the Fourth Age when again you become dependent on others.

Today, our movement includes over 400,000 u3a members in more than 1,000 u3as and is continuing to grow every day.

Find out more about the u3a in the UK here. For more information about the other u3a groups in Dorset, click here.

u3a Insurance

Public and Products Liability Insurance is provided by the Third Age Trust for all members as one of the benefits of the capitation fee we pay.

Risks covered include:

  • injury or death caused by a u3a member's negligence
  • costs of injury or death if an accident occurs while using machinery owned by the U3A or others, if a u3a member's negligence is the cause
  • damage caused by a u3a member's negligence to someone else's clothing, personal property etc
  • liability for costs of injury or death to a u3a member undergoing instruction, whether indoors or outside, caused by a u3a leader's negligent action

Risks NOT covered include:

  • injury or death caused solely by defects in a hired hall, defects in someone's home or in a car/coach where the accident is related to driving or being driven
  • injury or death which cannot be attributed to the negligence of a u3a member i.e. purely accidental or self-inflicted or intentional
MPLC Film Licence

The Third Age Trust, as in previous years, has purchased a licence for all the production companies covered by Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (please note this is not all production companies), a list of which can be found on their website, www.themplc.co.uk. It starts at the beginning of February and covers u3as for 12 months to show films outside homes for both educational and entertainment purposes.

PPL/PRS Licence

The PPL licence purchased by the Trust gives u3as permission to play recorded music in public as part of their interest/activity groups.

Copyright Licence

This licence allows u3a leaders and members to copy certain books, journals, magazines and other periodicals for use in their classes. This licence is provided by the Third Age Trust and certifies that The Copyright Agency Limited (“CLA”) has granted the Licence.

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