Online Application for Joining or Renewing Poole u3a 2023-24

We recommend that you submit your membership application online, as this will be quicker, avoid postal delays and save you the cost of postage. We are using a new database system to record memberships and allocate classes this Summer. When you apply online, your details will go directly onto the database.

Please note that because of the pressure on class spaces, members can only join a maximum of two classes in any one subject or activity. This means 2 Table Tennis or 2 Bridge or 2 French or 2 Art/Craft, but not different classes. If you
are in two French classes you could still belong to an Italian class.

Please read the important instructions below and then go to the application form by clicking this button:

Poole u3a Registration 2023-24

Please have your u3a Membership number handy before starting this process – it is of the form E1234.
Please follow these instructions carefully. Do not select any buttons that are not in the instructions.
For reasons beyond our control this process is not as ‘polished` as we would have wished but, if you follow the instructions, it does work. You can use whichever browser you prefer (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) - However, we would advise you NOT to use Firefox as there seems to be a problem when using it with the registration process.

If you have problems, you can contact Julia Palmer (Online Membership), Tel: 07407 761382, email: [email protected]

After you click on the above button, you should see a screen like this:

Select ‘Poole’ from the drop-down list

Then Click on 

You should see a screen with 5 headers across the top like this:


If you are joining Poole u3a for the first time, please fill in all the boxes. Those with a red triangle are mandatory.

If you are already a member, click ‘Yes’ and complete the following screen:

You must use the details that u3a hold for you (eg first name is the one you said you wished to be known by ).

Your membership number is of the form E1234

If you get an error message, please check that you have typed in your details correctly. If you have made a mistake, close the ‘error’ box, correct the error and try retrieving your details again.

Click   and check that the data is correct. If not, please correct any boxes that are wrong.  If details are correct, return to top of the page and click    

Click         Please DO NOT enter a class name and try to ‘filter’.

You will see the following screen where you can select up to three classes. If you are a Leader or co-leader you do not need to list the class(es) for which you are a Leader.


Click on ‘Class Choice’ and select your class from the drop-down list (they are in in alphabetical order and typing the first letter will bring you to that section in the alphabet).

If you wish, you can select an alternative class in case your first choice is full. 


If required select your second and third classes.  You will see your class selections listed at the right-hand side of the screen.  Return to the top of the page and


Please select  ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to three questions. The form will initially show your previous answers.

Return to the top of the page and


If you are eligible (a UK tax payer), please click the ‘Yes to Gift Aid’ box.

Your name and address will be filled in from details you have provided. The date will be ‘today’s’ date.

Return to the top of the page and


Please select the subscription level. The ‘Joining after January and April’ refer to 2024.

You will now see the total cost of the class(es) you have selected and your membership.

PLEASE check this carefully and make sure all the classes you have selected are listed. 

If not, please go back and select the missing classes.

If you are happy that everything is correct, please click   

You should now see a message confirming that your application has been received.

Please do not send any payment – you will be sent an invoice after the allocation process which starts in August.

Thank you for your application.

By the way, you can abandon your application at any time by returning to the ‘Registration’ screen, scrolling down and selecting ‘Abandon Application’

Updated: 9 Jul 23

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