Mindfulness (71)

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An opportunity to explore the power of mindfulness and to practice mindfulness meditation and techniques in its many different forms.

The classes are informal and supportive to allow you to explore a range of mindfulness techniques and meditations. Participants will be able to use mindfulness meditations and/or mindfulness-based techniques to maintain and boost their well-being.

Recorded meditations and techniques will be available to participants to develop their practice outside of the class sessions.

Who is it for - the class is suitable for anyone interested in mindfulness and maintaining/improving their well-being. No previous experience of meditation and mindfulness is required. Some people will have experienced meditation before and that is fine too.

Class size - Maximum of 12 depending on the room/hall.

Accommodation - needs to allow a seated circle for participants and for some participants to be able to lie down (some people find sitting for long periods too uncomfortable). There is also some movement exercises so room for everyone to stand in their own space and move around. Normally use halls or classrooms cleared of tables. Participants are required to wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket, cushion for their comfort.

Class length - 90 mins with a 10 min comfort break and open discussion.

Your teacher - Fiona Chapman www.fionachapman.online I am a qualified mindfulness teacher and regularly practice mindfulness in my daily life. I also work as a talking therapies therapist specializing in stress, anxiety and low mood.

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