Mixed Jam Band (76)
St Joseph & St Walburga RC Church - 2a Archway Road, Parkstone, Poole, BH14 9AZ

Please see day and time information on the Class Finder page

This class is for people to enjoy making music together, playing well-known and traditional pieces ...as well as a few less well-known. Class members should already be able to play their instrument competently either by ear or from written music.  During the class sessions we play music in unison and in parts, mainly with the whole MJB playing together, but sometimes in smaller groups. There are opportunities for individuals and groups to play ‘party pieces’ to the class. 

Current instruments include: harmonica, flute, violin, mandolin, ukulele, bass ukulele, acoustic guitar, clarinet, saxophone, concertina, recorder. Other gentle non-electric instruments welcome. We include musicians of a basic standard, as well as a number of very good players. Although we are occasionally invited to play publicly, there is no pressure to be involved in this. 

It does not matter if your current musical skills are ‘rusty’ - we have all improved by playing together. Music is emailed to you - you will need to print this out unless you only play by ear.

Potential new members, please talk to Bev Turner on 01202 757086 if you are thinking about choosing this class as I need to ensure that we are not overloaded with particular instruments. 

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