New Class Information

Drama  - Class 44
Come and join this Drama class and I'm sure everyone would enjoy putting on small productions and plays!! To be held possible at the Spire, depending on numbers, or St. Josephs.
Please contact: Gay Wood on 01202 661653 

 French for Beginners - Class 53 
 Learn a new language and impress your friends and family!! To be held at the Spire, depending on numbers or similar venue. 
Please contact: Gay Wood on 01202 6612653 

 Memoirs - Class 80 
 Each month all members are given a word or sentence to arouse a memory - for example "lemon" - this could provoke a holiday when you were drinking gin and tonic, a lemon dress you wore as a child or your mother’s drizzle cake!! To be held at the Leader's home in the Branksome area. 
 Please contact: Christine Hammond on 01202 763156 

 Scots Gaelic - Class 90 
 An introduction to Scots Gaelic conversation for beginners, drawing on easily accessible online sources. To be held at the Leader's Home. 
Please contact: Rory Mackay on 01202 692478 

 Chess - Class 38 
 To be held on Fridays from 2.00 - 4.00 in the Members Home. 
Please contact: Philip Sorensen on 01202 701723 

 Postmodern Uke Box - Class 135 
 To be held at St. Josephs on Mondays from 12.00 - 13.30 
Please contact: Janine Dearden on 07708 888286 

 Doll Making - Class 45 
Making an art doll using scraps of fabric, haberdasher, and found objects and experimenting with techniques to make faces and hands and jointed limbs - you will create a one-of-a-kind decorative ornament. You will need access to a sewing machine, oddments of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, sequins etc. We can share specialist tools, paints and needles. Depending on numbers this can be held at the member's home, or larger venue, preferably on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. 
Please contact: Sue Williams on 01202 679488

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