Poole U3A Talks

Selected Fridays at 2:00pm


Friday April 29th at 2pm - Paul Berwick

Paul is an ex police officer, having served for 34 years, and will be giving his talk:
Gareth Williams And the Mystery Of the Body In The Bag 2010
In 2010 this MI6 spy had been missing for a week. Police found him unclothed, inside a locked sports bag placed inside his bath in his London flat. Who would want to kill this mild-mannered maths genius? This presentation delves beneath the sensational media headlines, into Gareth’s world of international espionage.

Friday 27th May at 2pm - Roger Browne

Roger is a raconteur, writer, musician, actor, director and regular speaker to U3As. He will be giving his talk:
The History of Jazz Piano
The title of his talk speaks for itself and will feature live musical illustrations on his piano.

Friday 24th June at 2pm - John Hope

John will be giving his talk:
Time Through the Ages
A journey through time telling over the centuries showing the development and improvement of time telling devices from sundial and water clocks through the introduction of mechanical clocks, railway time, domination of pendulum devices to the atomic clock.

For more details, and zoom links, please contact Christine Hammond on 01202 763156 or email [email protected].

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